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  • 1001 Street Fighting Secrets: The Principles of Contemporary Fighting Arts 

    Franco, Sammy (Paladin Press, 1997)
    This exhaustive collection of streetfighting secrets covers every aspect of author Sammy Franco's eclectic, no-nonsense system of self-defense, from training and conditioning, the attributes of combat, and tactics and ...
  • Mỹ thuật đương đại Việt Nam - Sự thay đổi, sự trì trệ, tiềm năng, chiến lược 

    Kraevskaia, Natalia (Hà Nội, 2000)
    Trình bày những khía cạnh tiêu cực trong bối cảnh nghệ thuật đương đại không chỉ vì mong muốn vô lý được phê bình mọi thứ và mọi người mà để đưa ra những chiến lược vượt qua trở ngại có thể giúp mỹ thuật đương đại Việt Nam ...
  • Modern Art of Attack: The Era of Tal, Fischer & Kasparov 

    Smith, Ken; Hall, John (Chess Digest, 1988)
    This book includes nine chapters. Chapter one: Attacking the king which can't castle. Chapter two: Attacking the uncastled king. Chapter three: Attacking the kingside castled positions. Chapter four: The St.George attack. ...
  • Secrets of Positional Chess 

    Dražen, Marović (Gambit, 2003)
    By discussing carefully chosen games and positions, Marovic explains how to recognize good and bad features of positions, and how to make use of one’s advantages and exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. Themes that crop up ...
  • Berklee Practice Method Guitar: Get Your Band Together 

    Baione, Larry (Hal Leonard, 2001)
    Method for learning how to play in a rock group or other pop ensemble. May be used either in conjunction with the accompanying recording of an ensemble of Berklee College faculty (tenor/​soprano sax, alto sax, guitar, bass, ...
  • Judo 

    Sadaki, Nakabayashi (Sterling Pub., 1968)
    Numerous photographs and brief text explain the history of judo, and demonstrate conditioning exercises and judo techniques.
  • International Perspectives on the Management of Sport 

    Parent, Milena M.; Slack, Trevor (Elsevier Inc., 2007)
    International Perspectives on the Management of Sport is the first multi-contributed book that addresses the various aspects of sport management by some of the most brilliant experts throughout the world. Drawing on the ...
  • Boxer's Start-up : A Beginner's Guide to Boxing 

    Werner, Doug (Tracks Pub., 1998)
    Guide to boxing training and techniques with information about equipment, safety, working out, and offensive and defensive skills, with a history of the sport.
  • Sports Industry 

    Greenwald, John (Ferguson, 2010)
    Essential reading for students looking to land a great new career in the sports industry, this new resource offers many useful features including advice on ways to reach career goals, helpful tips for career changers, ...
  • Sports-law 

    Thornton, P. (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2011)
    Sports Law takes a look at the major legal cases, statutes, and regulations that explore a variety of legal issues in sports law. Each chapter includes questions and notes to encourage further study in that specific area ...
  • The Throws and Takedowns of Judo (Take Downs & Throws) 

    Thompson, Geoff (Geoff Thompson Ltd, 2001)
    In this text I have shown the throwing techniques in their raw form. Once you perfect them it is wise to practise using the forgotten about ‘blow before throw’ of old judo. That is, whack them with a strike to set up the ...
  • A Modern Method for Guitar: Volumes 1, 2, 3 Complete 

    Leavitt, William G. (Berklee Press Publications, 1999)
    Now guitarists can have all three volumes of this classic guitar method in one convenient book! Created by popular demand, this new edition of the method used as the basic text for the renowned Berklee College of Music ...
  • The Business of Sports: Volume 3, Bridging Research and Practice 

    Humphreys, Brad R. (Praeger, 2008)
    In volume 3 of The Business of Sports, we attempt to bridge the gap between business-related research on sports and the sports industry. The goal is to promote two-way interaction between researchers and sports industry ...
  • The Business of Sports: Volume 1, Perspectives on the Sports Industry 

    Humphreys, Brad R. (Praeger, 2008)
    Volume 1 of The Business of Sports explores the dimensions of the sports industry. The chapters in this volume explore the big issues in the sports industry, tackle the biggest problems, and highlight the global nature of ...
  • The Business of Sports: Volume 2, Economic Perspectives on Sport 

    Humphreys, Brad R. (Praeger, 2008)
    Volume 2 of The Business of Sports examines sport through the lens of economics. Economics is the study of how society deals with scarcity. Any society faces the problem of allocating scarce resources among competing ...
  • Pentjak - Silat: The Indonesian Fighting Art 

    Alexander, Howard; Draeger, Donn F.; Chambers, Quintin (Kodansha International, 1970)
    This book introduces pentjak - silat: Past and present, weapons and techniques against armed attacks, basic postures to fight, practice, combat situations.
  • How to Play Chess Endgames 

    Müller, Karsten; Pajeken, Wolfgang (Gambit Publications, 2007)
    In this companion volume to 'Fundamental Chess Endings', Müller and Pajeken focus on the practical side of playing endgames. They cover all aspects of strategic endgames, with particular emphasis on thinking methods, and ...
  • How to Play Dynamic Chess 

    Beim, Valeri (Gambit Publications, 2004)
    Chess is fundamentally a dynamic game. Each move changes the situation and the possibilities for both sides. No piece is ever identically as valuable as any other, and their scope changes from move to move. The current ...
  • Độc tấu Harmonica 

    Sơn, Hồng Vỹ (Giao thông vận tải, 2005)
    Harmonica còn gọi là khẩu cầm một nhạc cụ thông dụng trong giới thanh thiếu niên. Nó bé nhỏ tiện lợi, đem đi đâu cũng được, hoặc để trong cặp, hoặc để trong túi, ... đâu đâu tiếng Harmonica cũng đem lại niềm vui rộn rã, ...
  • Làm hoa vải bằng tay 

    Lê, Ngọc Minh (Văn nghệ, 2007)
    Quyển sách này, thể hiện được cảm xúc về nghệ thuật của Nhật Bản cho công việc đầy lý thú, ít tốn kém và sử dụng dễ dàng cho những ai mới tập sự làm hoa vải. Dụng cụ đơn giản, cùng với kỹ thuật và các mẫu dễ thực hiện. Từ ...

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