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    • How to prepare for IELTS – Speaking 

      Unknown author ()
      The book includes content such as: Test details, general tips to say. The book is a precious document for those who prepare for the IELTS test - Speaking.
    • Japanese - English and English - Japanese Dictionary 

      Hephurn, J.C. (Randolph, 1873)
      This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact,or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this ...
    • Mastering American English 

      Taylor, Grant (McGraw-Hill, 1956)
      Mastering American English is a comprehensive exercise book for use with adult students at the intermediate and advanced levels of language learning. The text is divided in two sections. The exercises which comprise Part ...
    • How to do things with words: The William James Lectures Delivered at Harvard University in 1955 

      Austin, J.L. (Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1962)
      First published in 1962, contains the William James Lectures delivered at Harvard University in 1955. It sets out Austin's conclusions in the field to which he directed his main efforts for at least the last ten years of ...
    • Tự điển hỏi ngã 

      Đào, Văn Hội (Sống mới, 1969)
      Cuốn sách "Tự điển hỏi ngã" cung cấp cho người đọc các thuật ngữ tiếng Việt và cách dùng dấu hỏi ngã trong các câu văn nói và viết.
    • Lịch sử chữ Quốc ngữ (1620 - 1659 ) 

      Đỗ, Quang Chính (Sài Gòn, 1972)
      Bàn về lịch sử chữ Quốc ngữ, tác giả đã đề cập đến những nội dung sau: Nhận xét của một số người Tây Phương về tiếng Việt, Sơ lược giai đoạn thành hình chữ quốc ngữ từ 1620-1659. Giới thiệu hai sách quốc ngữ xuất bản đầu ...
    • A University Grammar of English 

      Quirk, Randolph; Greenbaum, Sidney (Longman, 1973)
      A University Grammar of English is a short-er version of A Grammar of Contemporary English. The structure of the parent book has been preserved so that reference can easily be made to it, though in many respects the authors ...
    • An Introduction to Modern English Word-Formation 

      Adams, Valerie (Longman, 1973)
      A series to meet the need for books on modern English that are both up-to-date and authoritative.For the scholar, the teacher, the student and the general reader, but especially for English-speaking students of language ...
    • A Handbook of English Grammar. 7th Edition 

      Zandvoort, R.W. (Longman, 1975)
      As the French title well expresses it, this is a descriptive grammar of contemporary English. It deals with accidence and syntax, leaving aside what belongs rather to idiom and is not amenable to general statement. It ...
    • Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning. First printed edition 

      Krashen, Stephen D (Pergamon Press Inc, 1981)
      This book is concerned with what has been called the "Monitor Theory" of adult second language acquisition. Monitor Theory hypothesizes that adults have two independent systems for developing ability in second languages, ...
    • Ship or sheep?: An Intermediate Pronunciation Course 

      Baker, Ann (Cambridge University Press, 1981)
      This book has been writen to help you recognise and pronounce English sounds. To make it interesting and fun tolearn, there are lots of different types of exercise. When you do them by yourself or in class, you will realise ...
    • Teaching English Through English 

      Willis, Jane (Longman, 1982)
      " Teaching English Through English" include: The language of the classroom social personal and organisatonal uses; Teaching techniques and the language of instruction: the first lesson in English, Dialogues for presentation ...
    • Techniques in Testing 

      Madsen, Harold S. (Oxford University Press, 1983)
      Testing in all skill areas is covered. How to write and evaluate tests is clearly explained with numerous examples. An appendix describing the most important commercial proficiency, achievement, and aptitude tests is included.
    • An Outline of English Literature 

      Thornley, G.C.; Roberts, Gwyneth (Wolters Noordhoff Longman, 1984)
      A comprehensive outline of the main developments in English literature from Anglo-Saxon poetry to the 20th-century novel.
    • Basic English Usage 

      Swan, Michael (Oxford University Press, 1984)
      Containing 370 short entries, arranged alphabetically, this guide explains the problem points of grammar and vocabulary. It includes many examples of correct usage and common mistakes, along with descriptions of formal and ...
    • An Introduction to Discourse Analysis. 2nd Edition 

      Coulthard, Malcolm (Longman, 1985)
      The central concern of this book is the analysis of verbal interaction or discourse. This first six chapters report and evaluate major theoretical advances in the description of discourse. The final chapters demonstrate ...
    • English as a Second Language in the United Kingdom 

      Brumfit, C. J. (Pergamon Press, 1985)
      The book aimed to cover English teaching to British residents and addresses teaching children in the school sector, teaching adults in education and in the workplace, and teacher training, among others. One chapter asks ...
    • Cơ sở ngữ văn Hán Nôm. Tập 1 

      Lê, Trí Viễn (Giáo dục, 1985)
      Cơ sở Ngữ văn Hán Nôm là bộ giáo trình căn bản về chữ Hán, chữ Nôm dành cho người mới bắt đầu tìm hiểu loại ngôn ngữ này. Bộ sách cung cấp những tri thức về ngôn ngữ văn tự Hán Nôm, sự biến thiên của chữ Nôm qua lịch sử, ...
    • An Outline of American Literature 

      High, Peter B. (Longman, 1986)
      This book does give us a clear overview of the American Literature, but as the name has said, it is just an outline. It will be most helpful to those who have just started studying American Literature, or have not taken ...
    • A Practical English Grammar. 3rd Edition: Exercises 1 

      Thomson, A.J.; Martinet, A.V. (Oxford University Press, 1986)
      This is one of two books of excercises designed to accomparty Thomson and Martinet's Practice English Grammar. They Provide intermediate learners with a weather of interesting and lively practice material. concentrating ...