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    • A Day At A Zoo 

      Harrison, Sarah (Lerner Publishing Group, 2009)
      Monkeys! Seals! Tigers! Check out these eight action-packed scenes to see what happens during a full day at a busy zoo. In each picture, the zoo buzzes with activity. Visitors, zookeepers, and animals move from place to ...
    • Di truyền phân tử: Những nguyên tắc cơ bản trong chọn giống cây trồng 

      Bùi, Chí Bửu; Nguyễn, Thị Lang (Nông nghiệp, 1999)
      Nội dung cuốn sách nhằm trao đổi kiến thức cơ bản trong lĩnh vực sinh học phân tử, ứng dụng vào di truyền học và chọn giống một cách nhanh chóng và cập nhật hóa. Giáo trình được chia làm 2 quyển. Quyển 1: Phân tích Genome. ...
    • Di truyền và công nghệ tế bào soma 

      Nguyễn, Như Hiền (Khoa học và Kỹ thuật, 2002)
      Các vấn đề về tổ chức thể nhiễm sắc và bộ gen của tế bào soma, hoạt động của gen và điều chỉnh hoạt động của gen, tập tính của thể nhiễm sắc qua chu trình tế bào, tính biến dị di truyền của tế bào soma, sự lai soma và tạo ...
    • A Dictionary of Chemistry. Sixth edition 

      Daintith, John (Oxford University Press, 2008)
      This dictionary was originally derived from the Concise Science Dictionary, first published by Oxford University Press in 1984 (fifth edition, retitled Dictionary of Science, 2005). It consisted of all the entries relating ...
    • Differential Algebra 

      Ritt, Joseph Fels (American Mathematical Society, 2013)
      A gigantic task undertaken by J. F. Ritt and his collaborators in the 1930's was to give the classical theory of nonlinear differential equations, similar to the theory created by Emmy Noether and her school for algebraic ...
    • Differential and Integral Equations 

      Collins, Peter J. (Oxford University Press, 2006)
      Differential and integral equations involve important mathematical techniques, and as such will be encountered by mathematicians, and physical and social scientists, in their undergraduate courses. This text provides a ...
    • The Differential Geometry of Parametric Primitives 

      Turkowski, Ken (Advanced Technology Group, 1990)
      We derive the expressions for first and second derivatives, normal, metric matrix and curvature matrix for spheres, cones, cylinders, and tori.
    • Differential Geometry of Varieties with Degenerate Gauss Maps 

      Akivis, Maks A.; Goldberg, Vladislav V. (Springer, 2003)
      In this book the authors study the differential geometry of varieties with degenerate Gauss maps. They use the main methods of differential geometry, namely, the methods of moving frames and exterior differential forms as ...
    • Differential Geometry, Analysis and Physics 

      Lee, Jeffrey M. (Jeffrey Marc lee, 2000)
      In this book I present differential geometry and related mathematical topics with the help of examples from physics. It is well known that there is something strikingly mathematical about the physical universe as it is ...
    • Discrete Mathematics 

      Lovász, L.; Vesztergombi, K. (Springer, 1999)
      Discrete mathematics is quickly becoming one of the most important areas of mathematical research, with applications to cryptography, linear programming, coding theory and the theory of computing. This book is aimed at ...
    • Discrete Mathematics 

      Saxl, Dr. J. (Michælmas, 1995)
      Discrete Mathematics include 3 chapters. Chapters 1: Integers( Division, The division algorithm, The Euclidean algorithm, Applications of the Euclidean algorithm,...). Chapters 2: Induction and Counting( The Pigeonhole ...
    • Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 

      Rosen, Kenneth H. (McGraw - Hill, 1998)
      Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications is intended for one or two term introductory Discrete Mathematics courses taken by students from a wide variety of majors, including Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. ...
    • Elementary Methods in Number Theory 

      Nathanson, Melvyn B. (Springer, 2000)
      This basic introduction to number theory is ideal for those with no previous knowledge of the subject. The main topics of divisibility, congruences, and the distribution of prime numbers are covered. Of particular interest ...
    • Elementary Number Theory 

      Clark, W. Edwin (University of South Florida, 2003)
      The great mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss called this subject arithmetic and of it he said: Mathematics is the queen of sciences and arithmetic the queen of mathematics.” At first blush one might think that of all areas ...
    • Elementary Number Theory Notes 

      Santos, David A. (Johns Hopkins University, 2004)
      This book includes thirteen chapters. Chapter 1: Preliminaries. Chapter 2: Divisibility. Chapter 3: Congruences. Chapter 4: Unique factorisation. Chapter 5: Linear diophantine equations. Chapter 6: Number-Theoretic functions. ...
    • Elliptic Curves. Second Edition 

      Husemöller, Dale (Springer, 2004)
      The second edition builds on the first in several ways. There are three new chapters which survey recent directions and extensions of the theory, and there are two new appendices. Then there are numerous additions to the ...
    • Encyclopedia of Biology 

      Rittner, Don; McCaBe, Timothy L. (Facts on File, 2004)
      Offering comprehensive coverage of leading discoveries in biology along with general definitions, essays and biographies of notable biologists, this encyclopedia also offers summaries of notable events throughout history ...
    • Encyclopedia of Chemistry 

      Rittner, Don; Bailey, Ronald A. (Facts On File, 2005)
      With a structure that reflects the way chemistry is currently studied, the comprehensive Encyclopedia of Chemistry is the definitive reference to this vast subject area. Hundreds of chemistry-related entries, thought-provoking ...
    • Encyclopedia of Mathematics 

      James, Tanton (Facts On File, 2005)
      Encyclopedia of Mathematics is a comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia designed for high school through early college students. More than 1,000 entries, more than 125 photographs and illustrations, and numerous essays cover ...
    • Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education 

      Lerman, Steve (Springer Netherlands, 2014)
      The Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education is a comprehensive reference text, covering every topic in the field with entries ranging from short descriptions to much longer pieces where the topic warrants more elaboration.